About Us

Advanced Imaging Services (AIS) is a mobile medical imaging company that performs bedside Digital X-Rays, Ultrasound, Vascular, Doppler, 2-D Echoes, and EKG exams. In business since 1992, our technologists provide your patients with the best care. We offer the latest in digital technology to provide superior imaging....bedside.

AIS has a 30 minute turnaround time for reports and immediate reports for STAT exams from our Board Certified Radiologist. Using our HIPPA compliant web site, ordering physicians and nurse staff will be able to view exams from any computer minutes after being performed with a personal log in and password. The report will also be available next to the exam as soon as it is read by the radiologist. The age of films and CD's are gone.

Mission Statement

We do important work, improving quality of life for patients who can't otherwise access care. We set the professional standard, on the telephone, with our people, in our technology, and in turnaround time. We lead by example, not asking anyone to do what we would not do ourselves. We do whatever it takes to get the job done right.

Success requires a team. Each player is critical. One failure breaks the chain of care. We never stop changing. In this dynamic market, no rule is hard and fast. Profit comes in using technology, and performing faster and better.