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Looking for mobile imaging services, including EKGs, X-rays, Ultrasounds, Dopplers, Cardiac Testing, and Bone Density?  Then go with a company that is so committed to customer service that it tracks everything from technologists' professionalism and response time to equipment cleanliness.  In fact, we're so committed to consistently providing outstanding service that we measure customer service 3 times for every exam we conduct.  If your mobile imaging company doesn't measure how well, or poorly, it conducts itself at your facilities, a lot, then it isn't providing the level of service you could be experiencing and, at the very least, isn't a "problem free vendor."  We think the service systems are KEY! But in addition to focusing on service, we also offer some of the latest technology in mobile imaging.  For those who want to review secure x-rays over the web, listen to the wave file dication, print reports or even order radiology and ultrasound studies, on-line, we offer AIS 15.1, a (no software to download) web based PAC system! Now you can have proven customer service and your own reading station right at your fingertips!

We've developed many systems to help us run our company the same way, every day.  If you'd like us to prove it to you, give us a call today.  We'll gladly show you our administrator feedback scores, how well our technologists are interatcting with the facility nurses and CNAs, our dispatch system, our billing department and dispatch customer service scores, AIS 15.1, letters of reference, and more.

AIS started doing mobile x-rays in San Antonio, Texas in 1994.  Today, AIS is a full service, 24-hour mobile imaging company conducting over 43,000 exams per year in all of Texas!  Member of THCA?  We are too!

Although we like talking about all the great things we're accomplishing at AIS to truly set a new standard for mobile imaging (no one does what we do) we'd rather show you our most recent customer survey !

We love what we do at AIS and look forward to demonstrating why!!
                  Call   210-684-0409 or 800-931-3204 today for a presentation.

"Your techs are always in a cheerful mood! Always helpful with the residents when needed and always up beat." - Pam
More Comments from Nurses and CNAs:
"Service from AIS has always been prompt and efficient.  All techs are polite and professional - Judith
"Your techs are kind and patient.  Dispatch is very polite and speaks very clearly."  - Sylvia
"All of your people have a great attitude and are very nice. The residents always have good things to say to me about who does their x-ray.."  - Doris
AIS 15.1... X-rays and reports at your fingertips!
No software to download!
Web based
HIPPA Compliant